Wheel Alignments & Car/Truck Suspension

Wheel Alignment in Poway, CA

At Poway Imports we provide the latest in Wheel Alignment & Vehicle Suspension Services. The first one in San Diego with the most advanced alignment machine.

v3300 Wheel Alignment Poway

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The Next-Generation Intelligent Alignment Machine in Poway. The JohnBean V3300 Wheel Alignment System.

Your suspension and steering components are a critical part to your vehicles safety and performance. Maintaining proper suspension will prolong the life of your suspension parts such as shocks, struts, axles, ball joints, tie rods, idler arms, bushings, seals,bearings and tires.

The V3300’s advanced XD cameras and sophisticated monitoring system reduce errors that other alignment machines run the risk of.

Wheel alignments are just as critical and maintaining your steering and suspension part. Proper wheel alignment will allow your tires to wear evenly, allowing you to get more mileage between tire replacement.

Just like every other component on your vehicle, proper maintenance is the key. You should have your vehicle’s alignment, steering and suspension components inspected often to avoid any major repairs, often times we’re able to catch minor issues before they become costly repair.

You should visit Poway Imports to maintain the life of your suspension, steering and alignment  if any of the below apply to you

  • Haven’t had your undercarriage inspected within 2 years or 30,000 miles
  • Notice cracks, leaks or seapege from bushings, boots or seals
  • Worn or broken parts
  • Notice unusual sounds (squeaks, popping, grinding)
  • Vehicle doesn’t drive straight
  • Steering wheel has “play” (you can slightly move your steering wheel left or right with no response from vehicle)

Remember, always have a wheel alignment completed with you have new tires or rims installed or have recently have suspension work completed.

Common misconceptions about wheel alignments.

  1. Only need an alignment when the vehicle pulls to the left or right.
  2. Only need an alignment with the vehicle get’s new tires
  3. Only need an alignment when you feel vibrations
  4. Only need an alignment when tires wear unevenly

While these are all signs that you need an alignment, often times there are signs that you should have had one sooner. This is why we recommend to have your vehicle inspected every 2 yrs or 30,000 miles, which ever comes first.

Contact Poway Import Experts regarding any suspension, steering or alignment questions for any vehicle.