Subaru Repair

Subaru Repair PowayPoway Import Auto Experts provides repair and maintenance services for Subaru vehicles.

Subaru vehicles are known for their use of the boxer engine configuration. It is a complicated engine, but Subaru has come to master the technique. It provides greater balance, runs freely, and doesn’t suffer from too much vibration. In addition to this unique engine, Subaru offers nearly all of their vehicles in all-wheel drive. A vehicle of this caliber deserves a professional auto mechanic. Poway Import Auto Experts has the certified technicians that can take care of your Subaru.

It takes a very skilled hand and a lot of dedication to know the ins and outs of a Subaru and be able to repair or service it properly. At Poway Import Experts we are dedicated to providing you with top of the line Subaru repair and maintenance services in Poway.

Our professionally trained technicians specialize in imports, but we also repair and service domestic cars. We only use factory equipment which makes us an ideal alternative to a dealership, thus saving you time and money.

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