Proper Break In Period After Brake Job

When someone talks about break in period for vehicles, you may think about the break in period for new vehicles. Remember when you purchased a new vehicle and they told you not to go over 65 for the first 500 miles? While you don’t have to do this with today’s engines, you do want to slowly break in your brake pads just after you have them preplaced. It’s important to remember that as with any new part on your vehicle, give it time to adjust to your driving style.

When brake pads and rotors are replaced, this is the first time the pads are touching metal. While we properly road test your vehicle and follow our break in routine of driving and stopping, it’s still important that you continue to break in the pads. We will ensure the brakes are functioning properly before we allow you to take your vehicle and using your brakes conservatively allows for the break pad material to conform to the rotor ensuring that you have an even surface to surface wear.

Remember, if you feel your brakes are not operating correctly, bring your car immediately to your mechanic and have them perform a road test on the vehicle.

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