Mini Repair

If you are looking for a Mini mechanic in the Poway area, then Poway Import Auto Experts is the auto repair shop for you.

The Mini was first introduced in 1959, but ended production in 2000. It is a small economy car that was produced by the British Motor Corporation. The corporation also manufactured the Mini Cooper and the Mini “S” which are known as the more sporty versions—- they’ve also been known to be used as rally cars. The Mini has a specially designed suspension system that uses compact rubber cones instead of conventional springs. It was also designed to be space saving—not only for the road, but for the passengers as well. BMW decided to purchase BMC and in 2000 they decided to sell off the remaining models of the Mini.

Mini Repair Poway

Now that the Mini is a bit rare, it is important to find a mechanic that you can trust yours with. At Poway Imports, our auto repair technicians are guaranteed to know your Mini better than anyone else. We offer top of the line Mini repair and maintenance services.

Whether you need an oil change or brake repair, Poway Imports is the place to come when your Mini needs work. In addition to minor auto maintenance and service, the technicians at Poway offer transmission repair, auto electrical repair, new tires, engine repair, and much more.

Contact Poway Imports today to schedule your appointment with an experienced and highly trained Mini service specialist.