Mercedes Benz B Service

Mercedes Benz has a set of scheduled services to be performed on your Mercedes Benz Vehicle. Listed below are the items checked during your B Service from Poway Imports.

Passenger Compartment:

  • Warning lights, indicators, lamps, lighting
  • Windshield wipers, Windshield washer
  • Headlight cleaning system
  • Seatbelts
  • Heating and A/C system
  • Reset flexible service system counter

Tires & Brakes:

  • Brake inspection (pads, fluid & lines)
  • Tire pressure and tread
  • Rotate tires (excludes vehicles with staggered wheels)

Engine Compartment

  • Air filter (dust filter if applicable)
  • Battery connections
  • Throttle linkage
  • All fluids, hoses and lines
  • Synthetic oil change and filter replacement
  • Check battery connection and condition
  • Latch and hinges on hood
  • Lubrication service
  • Antifreeze protection level, hoses and clamps
  • Starting and charging system, service battery


  • Poly V-Belt
  • Leakage from major components
  • Condition of rubber boots, ball joints and axel
  • Steering and suspension
  • Clutch
  • Rear differential

If you own and Mercedes Benz vehicle, call the Mercedes repair experts at Poway Imports for your A Service today.