Kevin Noles

Service Coordinator


Kevin Noles

Kevin and Eli first became acquainted back in 2011 when Eli was purchasing some speakers from Kevin at a local electronics store. Kevin had been in the search to find a mechanic that he can trust and go to for all of his car’s needs. After building a great rapport with Eli, Kevin knew that he finally had found the person he was looking for. Kevin has been a loyal customer of Eli’s even before Eli had ventured into opening his own shop. Kevin has been a volunteer advocate for Poway Imports due to the confidence that he has knowing that who he refers will be taken care of.

Kevin’s background is rooted in the world of Technology. He has been a System Designer for AV Systems for the past 6 years. He is a self-proclaimed “technophile” and enjoys staying up to date on the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.

Kevin has some big dreams. He currently has not one, but two dream cars. The first one is a Maserati GranTurismo Convertible that he has meticulously customized on their website. The second dream car he has is a white and blue BMW i8.