Isaac Gutierrez

ASE Technician

Issac Gutierrez - Poway Imports

Isaac Gutierrez

Isaac is one of the most genuine, warm, and friendly people you will ever meet. He is a strong family man, with a quiet and abiding faith. His off-time is spent with his family, his friends, and working with his church organization. Any day of the week, any time of the week – earliest Monday morning to late Friday afternoon – his sunny, cheerful disposition outshines the rest.

Isaac has more than 30 years of automotive experience. His first automotive job was with Roadrunner in Escondido, as a mechanic. He chuckles with appreciation for the highly skilled technician he is now, compared to his youthful self.  His automotive skill-set comes from years of hard, diligent work. He has a bull-strong work ethic, in evidence every day. He produces a prodigious amount of technically sound work, always done with an excellent attitude. “The work is not always easy, but, you know, I love what I do,” says Isaac. And it shows in the quantity and the quality of work he produces.

Married more than 13 years now to Raquel, they have three younger children: Ruth-Carina – 12, Onis-Cica – 7, and Isaac-Nahum – 5. Isaac loves to spend his off-time with his family and his friends. He is well-known as somewhat of a jokester. His joy for life and living is evident in the smiles that wreathe his face on a perpetual basis.

Ask Issac about his dream car and he will say, “Ohhh,” his face exploding with a big smile, “an Astin-Martin, British racing-green, any year, any model!”

Good humor, good attitude, a solid work-ethic and an expert skill set – our clients’ vehicles are in good hands with Isaac Gutierrez.