Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating and Air Conditioning PowayThere is nothing worse than having to drive around with a broken air conditioner during the hot summer months or a broken heater when it’s cold outside.

Having a working AC or heater is important to a driver’s comfort. Air conditioners and heaters both use a significant amount of power when in use and often require servicing to ensure that they are running properly. Technicians who are experienced and trained in AC repair and heater repair are the ideal candidates for any services that need to be done.

Poway Import Experts are the experts when it comes to heating and air conditioning. We are dedicated to helping our customers get back out on the road with their vehicles in better condition than when they came into our shop. Our expert technicians pride themselves in the work they do in auto repair and maintenance.

From oil changes to rebuilding engines, we are your auto repair specialists. We specialize in European imports including BMW, Mini, and Mercedes-Benz, and Japanese imports including Lexus, Acura, and Infiniti, but also service and repair domestic cars. We only use factory equipment which allows us to be a great dealership alternative, saving you time and money.

Contact Poway Import Experts today to schedule your AC repair, heater repair or any other vehicle repair or maintenance.