Chris G. Laow

Lead Technician – ASE Automobile Technician

Chris Laow - Poway Imports

Chris G. Laow

Chris Laow comes from a gifted mechanical background. As one can see by his last name, there is a relationship between Chris and Eli – they are first-cousins; their fathers are brothers. The Laow brothers owned their own automotive shops – stretching back for many years. Chris and Eli grew up in the family business.

There must be an automotive, genetic link somewhere back in the gene pool. Chris’s grandfather was a mechanic and technician. Chris says, “I wanted to be a doctor, but my dad wanted me to carry on the family automotive tradition, so here I am.” Chris is the Lead Technician at Poway Import Auto Experts, carrying the certified Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Technician qualification.



Although he comes from a large, gregarious family, Chris is reserved and soft-spoken.  His favorite activities during his off-time are enjoying some excellent meals at fine restaurants with good friends, reading the occasional medical book, and hanging out at the beach. He can also curse fluently in two languages – when the occasion arises.

If there is one thing that can set Chris to cursing, it’s a BMW (or frankly, any vehicle) that’s been “mistreated”. Chris considers quality engineering to be a thing of beauty. He takes great pride and joy in maintaining, tuning, and restoring the precision to these cars.

Not surprisingly, Chris has an intuitive feel for automobiles, especially his personal favorite – the BMW. Chris is a fan of all things BMW and, in fact, he owns a BMW 325i. He enjoys the challenge of foreign engineering and fast cars. Wearing his signature, big, black headphones, Chris can be found in the garage, quietly, competently going about his business of caring for our clients’ vehicles.