October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This Year We Have Partnered With

The Susan G. Komen Foundation in San Diego

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for every brake repair service we perform in October, we’re donating $50 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation in San Deigo. Every donation stays local and help the foundation with Breast Cancer ContacAwareness programs.

We are excited to give back to a great local foundation in San Diego.

You can help in two ways:

1. Decide that you want to replace your brakes in October & we’ll donate $50.

2. Donate directly to the foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness: Donate Here

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Don’t know if you need brakes, here are 5 signs you may need new brakes.

(1) Warning Lights

If brake wear is detected, you vehicle may come equipped with a warning light to alert you.

(2) Hearing Noises

When you press your brakes, are you hearing a grinding or squealing noise? This is a sign that the brake pad has worn down to the metal shim outside your brake pad.

(3) Handling Wrong

When you apply your brakes, is your vehicle pulling to one side or the other?

(4) Long Stopping

When you apply the brakes, is your vehicle taking a long time to stop or do you have to press your foot to the floor?

(5) Burning Smell

Does it smell link something is burning while driving? This could be a sign of a stuck caliper.