Brake Jobs, Why It’s Important To Resurface Rotors

Keep this in mind next time you have your brakes done.

As vehicle owners we understand the importance of brakes. Often an afterthought until you find yourself in situation where you need to stop immediately, a car in front of you brakes unexpectedly, an animal or person steps into the vehicle lane or a myriad of other scenarios. In any scenario, properly functioning brakes can save you from an untimely accident.

When you think of brakes, most vehicle owners think of new brake pads and that’s it. In reality there are other components that are just as important. Proper brake fluid levels and functioning master cylinder allow the fluid to squeeze the brake pads with enough pressure to stop the vehicle. Brake rotors need to be properly surfaced so as the brake pad presses against it, there is even connection between the pad and rotor.

When you have your brakes replaced, it’s important that your mechanic checks your brake rotors and resurfaces them correctly. If not resurfaced correctly, you can find that your pads will wear uneven causing the brake pad life to lessen and jeopardize the safety of your vehicle. If your rotors are uneven, hotspots develop due to the inconsistency of the pad touching the rotor, this also causes braking time to be extended meaning when you apply your brakes at any level of force, it will take longer to stop your vehicle.

Next time you need to replace your brakes, remember to ask your mechanic if the rotors need to be resurfaced. Proper pads, rotors, fluid and master cylinder working together can make the difference in stopping your vehicle when it matters most.

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