BMW 3 Series Service, Repair & Maintenance – A Class Apart!

The successor to 2 series, classy as it is, BMW 3 series is an executive car being manufactured by German automaker since 1975. It’s highly appealing driving dynamics make it one of the best-selling models by and far, accounting for up to about 30% of the BMW brand’s total annual sales. This luxurious series of car evolved, transformed and expanded itself over six generations from 2-door sedan to 4-door sedan, 2-door convertible, 2-door coupé, 5-door station wagon, 5-door hatchback and 3-door hatchback body styles. Thus the varying styles not only made it unique but highly demanded-for as well.

bmw 3 searies repair service & maintenance at poway imports

Its high rising demand statistics has led to the opening of many repair shops offering repair and maintenance works of this luxurious line of vehicles.

Being the world’s largest workshop chains, Poway Imports too lends its services in a wide-ranging field from maintenance to repairs, Oil changes to fixes in Brakes, Tires, Batteries, Wiper Blades and so much more. We have with us a team of professionals who are experts in their field of work, they know how to carry out a task proficiently and skillfully. Their industrious approach and workmanship have put Poway Imports among the world’s leading repairs and maintenance shops. It is because of them that we are where we are today and we look forward to heightened progress in the times to come by giving the top of the line services to our revered clients.

Raising the bar of standards but … at realistic rates

What sets us apart is our way of competently handling things and the extremely affordable rates with no hidden fee whatsoever. Car dealers are famous for charging a hefty amount for their services whereas contrarily we offer the exact same quality services but at absolutely reasonable rates. This draws huge masses to Poway Imports and thus gives us the privilege of being the topmost repair shop.

Routine Maintenance

While considering it a hectic work, people usually avoid routine maintenance of their vehicles. This slight laziness can, however, lead to heightened and worsened issues. Getting them checked well in time can prevent breakdowns, inconveniences arising at later stages, costly repairs, while also eliminating the related safety concerns.

These high maintenance cars need routine checking and proper upkeep on a regular basis. So if you have one due then look no further then Poway Imports because we are reliable, trustworthy and steadfast, Try us to Know us.

Common problems with these vehicles

These luxuriously engineered cars come with certain problems that need to be dealt with and taken care of well in time. For that people are encouraged to get them checked on a routine basis in order to avoid any undesirable situations that might arise in future. Some of the common problems in these vehicles lie in their brakes, check engine lights, Oil leaks from lower engine area, Coolant loss due to leak from expansion tank and the like. So their constant maintenance check is highly stressed upon by experts.

Our mastered mechanics know the drill and are well aware of the deep-rooted flaws and hence can deal with them in real time getting it done and dusted on time and with proficiency.

Offering a wide range of services at Poway Import, we invite you to experience the many facets of our unsurpassable services at realistic rates.