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Acura is the luxury division of the Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company. Acura markets luxury, performance, and near-performance vehicles. Since 1986, Acura has been providing consumers with luxury vehicles at a decent price. Like its sister, Honda, Acura outperforms many other vehicles and can outlast the competition. They are safe and reliable vehicles, making them ideal for families as well as performance purposes.

An experienced mechanic is the key to proper service and repair. Poway Imports offers experienced service technicians, capable of handling all of the needs of your Acura. We ensure that your vehicle is in the proper hands and will receive the best care possible. Our technicians are Acura certified, which means you’re getting the best possible service.

Acura service Poway

Acura vehicles are made for luxury and performance. In order to keep their luxury and performance components, you need to keep up with your regularly scheduled service and maintenance. Poway Imports offers many services to keep your Acura running and performing at its best. Some of the services offered are: transmission repair and service, brake repair, new tires, auto electrical repair, auto maintenance, engine repair, oil changes, and much more.

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